Large Consumer Products Company – Brand Development for New Portfolio Launch

I worked with a company that engineers and markets high-end lubricants and fuel products for motorized vehicles.

Identifying the ‘Gap’

The company needed to develop and launch a revamped brand portfolio to launch a new line of lubricants designed for use in the Commercial Vehicles category. This was the first time the company entered in the CV mass market segment.

Crafting a Solution

As part of a larger team, I helped launch a three-tier brand portfolio co-branded with India’s largest Automobile OEM. I contributed heavily to the brand architecture and product positioning, as well as determined the optimal pricing structure for the three product tiers.

Next we designed a go-to-market plan and piloted multiple customer contact models to drive initial awareness and collect test data. Throughout the entire campaign, we reached out to 20,000 consumers through market activations.

Realizing Results

Within six months of launching the brand portfolio, we saw a 14% increase in sales volume and a 2% increase in overall market share.

The campaign was so successful that the Indian team received commendation for one of the Best Marketing Programs globally.