Your brand should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. All of your marketing campaigns should address the essential question of what makes your company unique?

Your brand needs to reflect your unique selling proposition (USP).

With a well established brand and USP your customers will know immediately who you are and what you stand for. After all, that’s what all great brands have in common: they’re easy to recognize.

My Approach

Brand development is a team effort. And believe it or not your customers need to be part of your brand development team. In fact, everybody who interacts with your brand should have a role in shaping it.

Through research and consultations with your team and your customers, I’ll help you develop your Brand Identity Prism and use a SWOT analysis to determine exactly where your brand sits within the broader market.

Next I’ll use this information to develop the messaging that you’ll use in the majority of your marketing communications:

  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • Your Essence
  • Brand personality
  • Brand positioning
  • Unique selling proposition

Check out this case study to see how my brand development work informed this startup’s marketing strategy, including the creation of a new website and content library.

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