Large Consumer Products Company – Channel Marketing

As a channel marketing manager of the largest automotive lubricant company in India, I was responsible for the revival and growth of a $5 million non-affiliated car workshop channel.

Identifying the ‘Gap’

As a channel manager, I was entrusted with the responsibility to bring the ailing business channel back to its health. After a thorough and in-depth market research in collaboration with channel partners, consumers and sales team, I identified the key pain points and improvement areas in our overall channel approach.

Crafting a Solution

I led a team in the development of an annual and a 5-year long-term strategy for the channel with well-defined business objectives and KPIs to track progress.

We developed and implemented a targeted Key Account Acquisition Channel Program in collaboration with the company’s sales team. We also identified some strategic partners to generate demand online.

Realizing Results

Through our newly launched Channel Marketing Program, we managed to deliver a 17% increase in annual revenue over a 3-year period, and we reduced customer experience fulfillment times by a factor of three. We also successfully partnered with two online deal-hunting/group-buying companies to launch the channel’s first online demand generation campaign in India.

Overall, the campaign not only delivered sales of 1.3 million liters of engine lubricant and $5 million in annual revenue but also successfully put the channel back on its growth trajectory. The channel became a key contributor to the overall category revenue pool.

The Global Channel Head commended our team for excellence, and our campaign was identified as a ‘best practice’ model to follow across 5 different country offices.