case studies

Each of these projects highlights a problem that we needed to solve, my approach to the problem, and the results that I helped achieve.

Non Profit Digital Marketing Plan and Execution

My partner non-profit and I created and executed a paid digital marketing strategy coupled with a social media and link building strategy to increase newsletter signups and app downloads for the nonprofit. In just 1 month, we achieved a 148% increase in unique web visitors and 20% uptick in monthly app installs.


Non-Profit Website Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Post analyzing the non-profit’s website and social media presence, I educated the staff on how to improve web traffic and engagement. Together, we increased engagement by 13.7% through unpaid marketing campaigns.


Media Start Up Digital and Technology Marketing Management

This digital and inbound marketing focused project entailed the creation and management of a new website featuring an extensive media resource hub as the key to the start up’s inbound marketing strategy. Our digital marketing plan combined with a robust content strategy helped the start up not only surpass 5,000 page views per month in just 5 months but also generate approx. 100 leads per month.


Large Consumer Products Company – Brand Development for New Portfolio Launch

For this brand development and execution project I contributed to a team that was responsible for developing the branding strategy for a new portfolio of brands. We successfully launched the company into the mass market for the first time ever.


Large Consumer Products Company – Channel Marketing

I led a team in the development of a channel marketing strategy to manage and grow a $5 million marketing channel. Our annual channel campaign was successful enough to be recognized as ‘best practice’ for future campaigns.