Digital marketing has become the new norm in the marketing world. If you’re not marketing your brand online, it’s very hard to compete and grow.

But online marketing requires a whole new skillset. Traditional marketing approaches don’t translate very well to the digital world.

It’s easy for costs to mount if you don’t have the right experience. And it takes an expert to find the right digital channels to maximize ROI.

My Approach

Digital marketing is a step-by-step process that never ends.

My first step is always to develop strategy that outlines which marketing channels you’re going to use. I determine the best channels through market/consumer research and develop the right messaging for each medium.

I also ensure that you have an established digital marketing funnel to capture leads/sales from both outward and inbound advertising efforts.

Once the traffic, leads, and sales start coming in, my approach is to analyze the results and quantify which channels and campaigns are performing the best. Often it only takes small changes to optimize a campaign and reduce wasted spending. I identify the ads that don’t deliver and improve the ones that do.

And by setting up the right marketing automation tools, the campaigns that I develop will pay dividends for months or even years to come.

Have a look at my case studies implemented for a start up and non-profits to see how a digital marketing plan can achieve cost-effective results in a surprisingly short time.

Ready to start marketing online?

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