About Me

Driven by a passion for marketing and a thirst for new challenges


Marketing Enthusiast, Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Marketing Specialist etc etc etc….You can address me with different titles. For me, I am a Marketing Maven. Marketing is my passion. I love it because I get to use my creativity and do something truly unique every day. Throughout my career I’ve actively sought out new challenges with nonprofits and private sector companies to fulfill my passion. These experiences have helped me grow, and given me the confidence to tackle virtually any project.

I believe that hard work, persistence, and having respect for myself and others are essential for overcoming the biggest challenges. I fight for my dreams – and my clients’ – with passion, enthusiasm, and unwavering determination.

Most of all, I love seeing my efforts translate into real results.

I’ve Worked With . . .

Product Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Associate

Girls’ Leadership and Empowerment Program Fellow

Marketing Associate

Channel Marketing Manager

Summer Intern

My Achievements and Certifications
Google Partners Certification, Google
Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals, Google
Email Marketing Automation, Udemy
Inbound Certification, HubSpot
Bing Ads Accreditation, Microsoft
Bridge to Employment Scholarship Winner, University of California

National Scholarship, All India Talent Search Examination

University Topper For Three Consecutive Years, DAVV
Academic Excellence Scholarship 2006-2008, DAVV
Director’s Special Award, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

What People Say

  • Michelle Gross

    Aditi gets the job done. No matter what the timelines are or the scope of work, she finds a solution.
    Not only does Aditi have a tremendous work ethic, she brings passion and a smile to the work place.

  • Ryan Reiber

    Aditi is one of the hardest working people I've worked with. She's already a skilled marketer, but her drive to continue learning is what will guarantee her success. Aditi would be an invaluable asset to any marketing team that's looking for data-driven results.

  • Stephanie Medlin

    Owner, Branch 5 Marketing

    Aditi has been a tremendous asset to the America for Animals - Humane Eating Project team. Her knowledge and applied strategy of Google marketing technology and advertising, paired with a knack for analyzing and interpreting data has helped the organization greatly increase reach and visibility.

  • Jonathan Wadley

    Founder, America for Animals

    Aditi has served as a Digital Marketing Associate at America for Animals, a start-up nonprofit organization focused on leveraging technology to help animals. She has worn many hats in this role, working on both the organization as a whole and each of its two products. She reorganized our nascent AdWords campaign and significantly improved its results. She developed a prerelease plan for a social network we are building, provided analysis and strategy for a humane restaurant locator app, and, in general, has helped everywhere we have asked her to. It's a testament to her organization and energy that she has been able to do all this as a volunteer. Moreover, she is wonderful to work with, able to strike that difficult balance between respecting the product owner's vision and bringing her own ideas to the table. I highly recommend her.

  • Pinar Baran

    Aditi is a hard working professional who is extremely detailed oriented, organized and completes projects in a timely manner. Aditi helped to organize internal marketing campaigns, devise a strategic marketing calendar, enhanced our B2B partnerships and also helped to organize events. She is very willing to take over new challenges and responsibilities. Aditi has a great attitude and a strong work ethic and will be a tremendous asset in her next job.

  • Vikas Srivastava

    Deputy General Manager, Emami Ltd

    Once in a rare while you come across such sorted and enthusiastic individuals, that their energies rub off on you. Aditi belongs to that rare club. Her inquisitive approach, to get to the bottom of matters, her cheerful personality, exact & accurate analysis, working excellently with people & getting things done are assets that are highly cherished & sought after.

  • Soma Ghosh

    Vice President Marketing - India and South Asia, Castrol

    Aditi worked on setting in place a plan, and executing the drivers for the independent workshop channel for cars in Castrol India. Her contributions were strong on the functional side and she set up the foundation on which this channel continues to grow. She was a great team player and a joy to have in the team!

  • Shabbir Husain. A. Cementwala

    Vice President, Almats Branding Solutions Pvt Ltd

    It has been a pleasure working with Aditi. A very enterprising and task oriented personnel. Full of innovative marketing and branding ideas and thorough involvement from start to end in each activity undertaken. A collaborative approach and a pleasant personality makes her very accessible.

  • Anand Ramachandran

    Operations and Logistics Manager, Uber

    If Aditi were a brand, "Making things happen" would be her tagline.

    Aditi is detail oriented and plans her intiatives down to the last nail. She has a strong understanding of the organisation's objectives, and is able to ensure all stakeholders' alignment in advance on the project's objectives and action plan.

    Aditi is guided by a strong need to Accomplish and is one of the most driven individuals I've known. She is very skilled at working through multiple layers of authority to speed up decision making. This has enabled quick roll-out of many initiatives that have made a measurable difference to the success of her team.

  • Prasham Praveer

    Key Account Manager, B2B - OEM, Castrol

    I had a privilege of working with Aditi for national brand campaigns at Castrol. She is incredibly helpful & knowledgeable. She is a confident speaker & has the ability to get people on board with ideas - even people who are initially on different pages. She was excellent in communicating her ideas to rest of the team.
    Her analytical & strategic thinking skills are amazing. As a team member or a leader, she would be an asset to any organization.

  • Sagar Vira

    GM Marketing - Commercial Vehicle Oil and Industrial, Castrol

    Aditi is a very good example of the balance between Thinking and execution. She has a strong capability of thinking through the problems and arriving at optimal solution, at the same time she is also strong at execution as well ensuring plan is implemented flawlessly. She is a great team player and has the ability to lead without title. This helps her deliver better results as compared to her peers. She is also a very mature and balanced person who is open to feedback and act on the same. In her role as the Channel Marketing Manager, she did a fantastic job of streamlining the processes, introduction of a new channel offer and ensuring flawless execution of the same by taking sales team along.